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Base Locations


Shoreham EGKA

Shoreham tower complex

Shoreham Airport has been adopted as the Club's main training location. This is because of the absence of Controlled Airspace locally, and the availability of VATSIM ATC services several nights a week. Members can start their online flying experience here in the company of other beginners and, via the Club TeamSpeak server, obtain help from experienced members also flying from this pretty seaside location. Real World Shoreham Airport is the oldest licensed airfield in the UK, and has a beautiful Grade II listed art deco building which is not only a Control Tower but also a full scale Passenger Terminal.

Gloucestershire EGBJ

The Club hangar at EGBJ

Opened in 1931 as Staverton Aerodrome, Gloucestershire Airport has been progressively developed during the last 85 years into the UK's busiest General Aviation aerodrome. It lies just four miles from Cheltenham, home of prestigious horse-racing, literature and music festivals and only six miles from the cathedral city of Gloucester. It has a full Air Traffic Control service within its ATZ and Approach control facilities as well. On VATSIM, it caters for the needs of virtual GA pilots with procedures that closely replicate the real aerodrome. There are 3 runways in the traditional ex RAF 'A' layout, plus a short grass runway.  The main runway has instrument procedures including a CAT 1 ILS on runway 27. The Club established its base at Gloucestershire in December 2004 and adopted one of the hangars for its use. Regular Club evenings have been held on Tuesdays at the airfield ever since.

Sherburn-in-Elmet EGCJ

Club buildings at EGCJ

In April 2018, the Club decided to open this small airfield in Yorkshire as a new northern base. It is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty 11 nautical miles south west of York. During the Second World War it was used as a Royal Air Force station and Blackburn Aircraft built almost 1700 Fairey Swordfish naval torpedo aircraft at their Sherburn factory. Today it is home to a busy real-world Aero Club who have kindly rented us one of their hangars and allowed us to build our own small Clubhouse next to theirs. As an uncontrolled airfield (Air/Ground Operated), with one hard runway and three grass runways and mandatory overhead joins, members will enjoy a new experience and new challenges at this friendly airfield.

Biggin Hill EGKB

Club buildings at EGKB

"Biggin on the Bump" was an airfield which played a pivotal role in the 1940 Battle of Britain and still today has that feel of "something historic happened here". The Club built a full scale base here with an operational centre, clubhouse and hangar, and had operated from Biggin Hill since its formation in February 2004. Its long main runway could accommodate even the largest of the Club's aircraft and it once featured regular VATSIM ATC. In April 2018 though, the real world Biggin Hill told the Flying Clubs based there to move out as the airport needed to concentrate on the expanding business aviation business.  To realistically mimic the real world, therefore, the Club said a fond farewell to Biggin Hill, and on 23rd of that month had a nostalgic fly-out to its new northern base at Sherburn-in-Elmet.

Roving Base Locations

As a move towards exporing more UK airports, the Club has decided to adopt one of them as a Roving Base. The plan is to change the base every three months. More bases will be added as they are selected. The currently active Roving Base is marked by red pointers below. Club members visiting that airport will be awarded a star. Information related to other past and future potential Roving Base selections is being made available below. Members are encouraged to visit them as well, however, only the marked airport will earn a star.

Guest Locations & Farm Strips

In addition to the above Base Locations, each month our Events Manager selects some other airfields for members to visit. These may be defined as Guest Airfields or Farm Strips. Briefings will not be provided by the Club, and members must choose their own route and do their own flight planning. The idea is to encourage members to explore Britain by Flight Simulator and provide at least some challenging flights. The Club Star Awards process is used to analyse each member's Pilot Reports and to allocate Stars for recording visits to these locations.

Guest Airfields

These may be large regional airports, small general aviation aerodromes, or grass farm strips. Some will be close to a Base Airfield, allowing short simple flights to suit new members with limited experience, and others will be designed to present different challenges, be it navigation, short landing strips or complex controlled airspace. A star is awarded for flying in to these airfields. For June 2019 the selected guest airfields are:

ICAO Name Latitude Longitude
EGCW Welshpool 523746N 0030909W
EGNF Netherthorpe 531901N 0011147W


These two pie charts compare the Club's relative flying activity across our base and guest locations, for the last two months as reported by our members using the Club's PIREP facility.

Pie Chart
Pie Chart