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Monthly Star Events

Members taking part in these events on the specified day or days in the briefing, will be awarded a star which is displayed alongside their flight record in the Members List

January - Great British Bridges Challenge - Leg #1

In the local pub outside Exeter, you get talking to a historian who needs to photograph and research a selection of bridges and viaducts across the country. Here is the Briefing Document.

February - Fromage Affray

There is nothing that warms the heart like a fabulous cheese, and it is in the search for the best cheese we find ourselves flying high in the French Alps. Here is the Briefing Document.

March - Cheltenham Gold Cup

Again this month we will all fly our favourite Gold Cup jockey or well-heeled spectators into the temporary airfield (EGBC) used for one of horse-racing's major annual events - the Cheltenham Festival and it's most celebrated race, The Cheltenham Gold Cup. Helicopters recommended but this yeart there is an alternative ferrying punters in to EGBJ. Here is the Briefing Document

April - Caribbean Fishing Trip

Chance to show off your fishing skills as well as your landing ones! Here is the Briefing Document

May - Mayham

Based at Humberside you've 4 smaller fields to vist. Here is the Briefing Document

June - AeroExpo

The annual AeroExpo event for the GA and LAA community is now hosted by Sywell Aerodrome (EGBK) in Northamptonshire. Briefing Document

July - Oshkosh

Take part in the world's biggest flying. Here is the Briefing Document

Rest of year

Expect more events to be announced as the year progresses


For these events, don't forget to complete your PIREPs in order to collect your STARS