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Stars, Bars and Pies

Bar chart image

Movements Bar Charts

Movements include both arrivals and departures from specified airfields. Touch and Go's cannot be counted, because information about them is not recorded. Here is a set of bar charts showing these for each month during the past two years. There is one overall chart, and separate charts for each of our past and present preferred base locations.

Base movements image

Base Movements

Four tables of values showing the members who have been visiting our Club base locations, Shoreham, Gloucestershire, Biggin Hill, and a combined total, during the last month and the last twelve months.

Locations Pie Charts image

Location Pie Charts

Pie charts showing the use by club members of our preferred and assigned locations during last twelve complete months.

Table image

Star Awards & Hours Flown

A table of values showing the members who have been awarded various numbers of stars, the total number of stars awarded, the number of pilots who reported their flights, and the total number of hours flown each month over the last two years. In addition, the currently reported total hours flown by all members since 1st June 2006.

Table image

Analysis of Star Types Awarded

A table showing the stars awarded to Club members for flights to Club bases, guest airfields and the monthly Event, from January 2008 to date. The table includes special stars such as those awarded for watching our Annual Display.

FSDMap image

Members Online Now

A Google map showing club members who are currently flying or controlling online connected to VATSIM. Details of these members are listed below the map.

Pilot Reports

The CIX VFR Club has its own Pilot Report facility. This is used by club members to record details of their flights. It is quite a simple process to complete a PIREP for each flight after landing. The inputs are: -
  • Date of Flight
  • Flight Duration
  • Callsign
  • Aircraft Type
  • Airfield where From
  • Airfield where To
  • Comments
  These details are linked together with the user's membership ID, and then added to the PIREP table in the club database. PIREP data values are linked with data from other parts of the database for several reasons.
  • Awarding stars for flights which match the star definitions
  • Enriching the list of Full Club Members
  • Displaying a list of any member's completed flights for any member to view
  • Supporting our position as a VATSIM registered Virtual Airline
  • Statistical analysis of club activity