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Controller Reports (COREPs)

Record Your Club ATC Sessions

Members who wish to provide Air Traffic Control services for Club activities are encouraged to submit a Controller's Report, or COREP. It provides not only a personal record of your controlling sessions, with the Club, but also helps the Club provide activities to suit members by knowing who provides ATC services at events.

Submit a COREP

Click on this link to Submit a COREP. If you are logged into the forum already, this takes you directly to the report input form, an image of which is shown below. If you are not logged into the Forum, the Forum login page opens. Fill in details of your flight, and click "Submit" to file the report. If you are unsure of anything, scroll down to the help section below before submitting your PIREP.


  1. COREPs may be filed for providing Air Traffic Control services for any recognised Club flying activity as defined below .
  2. Recognised Club flying activities are those conducted by members while connected to either VATSIM, IVAO, or JoinFS.
    Recognised Club flying activities may be any one of the following:-
    • Taking part in the Club's published monthly event.
    • Taking part in one of the Club's recognised weekly informal gatherings
    • Taking part in any of the 2-4-CIX Display and Aerobatic Team's activities
    • Flying in to or out from, or flying circuits at, one of our operating bases or the monthly roving base.
    • Flying in to one of our nominated Guest airfields.
    • Making any other flight in a Light Aircraft (As defined in the Club Rules / Light Aircraft), with other member aircraft, which is not a Club event but conforms with Club Rules.
    • Training flights with a Qualified Flying Instructor. On occasion, instructors request ATC for their training flights. COREPs submitted for these activities must include "Training with" and the instructor's name in the comments section.

Member List

To view your COREPs, click on this link to go to the Member List. Your name will normally be at the top above the main list. The date of your last COREP will be shown highlighted in blue in the heading of the 5th column. Click on that date to display your COREPs.

You can edit your own COREPs by clicking on the ICAO code of any airfield in the list of your controller sessions. The relevant COREP is then displayed in the COREP form allowing you to make changes.

The Club COREP Form HELP

All fields must be completed, although the current date is entered automatically. If submitting a COREP for a different date, simply overtype the default. The form remembers previous entries, so, for example, if you have controlled at Shoreham on a previous occasion, simply typing the Shoreham ICAO code EGSA in the From box will list all COREPS where you have controlled at Shoreham. After submitting, the form will not clear, but the title will change to "Edit COREP" to allow you to either change the information entered and resubmit by clicking "Update", or add another report with the ICAO code to avoid having to re-enter these fields. In this case click on the "Save as New" button. When you have finished, close the COREP window to return to this page, or click "Pilot's COREPs" to review your entries.

If you wish to amend or delete an older COREP, clicking the link on your COREPs list page will open the form again for editing or deletion. Save your changes by clicking the "Update" button. You can also delete any COREP by displaying it in the COREP form, then clicking the "Delete" button.

Pilot Report Form

Member Star Awards

As an encouragement to take part in the activities for which the club was established, the Club awards "Member Stars" for certain Club activities. The stars awarded to each member are shown in the List of Members on the club web site. Stars are awarded for: -

Stars will be awarded automatically at the beginning of each month, by means of a software routine which analyses your PIREPs, checking data for the previous calendar month. It follows that for this to work successfully, and for your stars to be awarded, you must record your flight in the club PIREP facility as detailed above.

For this scheme you MUST include the airfield's ICAO code, in the from and to fields. For example "Gloucestershire EGBJ" and "EGBJ" are valid, but just "Gloucestershire" is not. See Star Awards for more details.