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Flying Instructors

The following are the Club's Flying Instructors. Members, or prospective members, can contact the Chief Flying Instructor by email to request training. Clicking on the blue @ icon will allow you to send an email to the CFI. The email address is encrypted for security and requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser, and a default email program to work. Otherwise send a Personal Message in the forum.

Chief Flying Instructor

Max Symons

Max started small. He used to design (including stress calculations), build, fly and perform crash investigations on fixed wing Radio Controlled aeroplanes up to about 5ft wingspan. He has flown a number of times with a colleague in a microlight Zenair Zodiac 601UL. When he discovered a 601XL for FS9 on Zenithair’s WEB site, he converted it for FSX, and made it resemble the 601UL, and uploaded it to the AVSIM site as a "Zenair Zodiac 601". He was an active member of the 2-4-CIX Display Team from October 2010 until 2015. He has reformed and again flies with the 2-4-CIX Tiger Moth Team. Having had a professional career in education, finishing as a "Course Design Manager" he is now looking after the club's in-house training.

Manager CIX Air Traffic Services

Neville Munro

Neville has been an aviation enthusiast for as long as he can remember. He was in the ATC first as a Cadet, then as an Officer for 12 years, ending with his own Squadron. After retirement he became a Civilian Instructor, covering most aviation subjects as well as Flight Sim training. He held a PPL from 1990 to 2009 with nearly 180 hrs in the logbook and is a qualified Amateur Radio Operator. His first Flight Sim was FS98. He has been a member of VATSIM since 2012 and CIX VFR Club since 2013. He has VATSIM P1 and P2 Pilot Ratings, and is a VATSIM S2 (Tower) Controller. His training responsibility with the Club is to instruct and assist student pilots in all aspects of radio procedures and he manages the Club AFISO Training Facility.

Flying Instructors

Peter Dodds

A founder member of the Club and Chief Executive until July 2021, Peter has been a flight simulator enthusiast since 1991, discovering VATSIM in 2003. He was a real world PPL with some 400 hours, retiring from flying in 2010. Peter worked enthusiastically from the Club's formation to maintain the Club's ethos as a unique "Flying Club" environment, for General Aviation Simulation enthusiasts, mimicing real world flying clubs in many ways. A member of the Gemini Simulations team which pioneered UK VFR scenery for FS4, he has dabbled in many aspects of FS including aircraft panel building, gauge design and aircraft painting. He was the Club's Chief Flying Instructor until February 2014. Peter created the first club web site and and was Webmaster until September 2008, when fellow founder member Tony Driver took over. Tony used his experience as a computer specialist to enhance the site and added many features which expanded and enhanced the site significantly. On Tony's retirement from the Club, Peter resumed the role of Webmaster in January 2018 and with help from Pete Allnutt and Ingar Lenning built a new website for the Club, which was completed in June 2019. A retired Technical Author, for some years he wrote regularly for Computer Pilot magazine. He produces most of the Club´s documentation and training material. He continues to assist with instructing.

Dennis Hardy

Dennis has been an aviation enthusiast since getting his first Biggles book for Christmas at the age of 10 (which he still has on his bookcase!). Although not a qualified pilot, over the years he has flown in a multitude of different light aircraft from weight shift microlights to gliders and general aviation aircraft. His most memorable experience was in a C150 aerobat as the pilot was practicing his aerobatic routine. A flight simmer since the mid 90s and a long time R/C modeller, he has experience flying both R/C fixed wing and helicopters. He is now retired from a career as a Quality Manager and Health & Safety Officer in the pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Since retiring he has built his own "simpit" - simulated cockpit - based round 2 networked pcs. He joined the CIX VFR Club in 2011 and obtained the VATSIM P1 pilot rating shortly afterwards. He obtained the VATSIM P2 Rating in 2012 and more recently the P3 rating. His long experience has enabled him to carry out the VATSIM P1, P2 & P3 training for the club.

Ken Greer

As a youngster still in short trousers, Ken cycled to Renfrew airport and watched the aircraft there. He thinks they were Vickers Viscounts and Vanguards. He was unable to pursue a career in aviation, however. With regards to Flightsimming, it was the Psion software simulator on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum that got him hooked. Trying to keep that little white square in the ILS window drove him nuts. His son wanted to fly, so in 1991 went to Edinburgh University for his degree. Whilst there he purchased a desktop pc and promptly put FS4 on it, which both he and Ken enjoyed. Ken's son is now a captain on the Airbus 320 family. Flightsimming runs in the family, as Ken's grandson Thomas is now a junior member of the CIX VFR Club. Ken's own early simming was mainly with FS2004 flying the Dash 7 for a VA, and also the Cessna 421 twin for another VA. He made his first flight with VATSIM on the 1st October 2001 and co-incidentally with the CIX VFR Club also on the 1st of October 2010 in the C421. He wants to share his flightsim experience with others and so he became an instructor with the Club in 2013.