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Monthly Screenshot Competition Rules

The Club's monthly Screenshot Competition is open to all members via an entry form which is available from the Forum.

The winner is rewarded by having his entry included in the website home page for the following month. The winner, 2nd and 3rd positions are chosen by members voting via the Screenshot Application on the Forum. These three entries are then permanently displayed on the website from the "Pictures/Screenshot Competition 20xx" menu option. Entries from 2009 to 2017 can be viewed on the old website from the "Archive" menu option.

Rules of Entry

  1. The monthly ScreenShot Competition (SSC) will open for entries at the beginning of each month, as soon as the previous month results have been released. It will close again at midnight on the 24th of the month, UK local time.
  2. Screenshots must be uploaded using the Club's SSC System entry process.
  3. Each entry will be posted anonymously in a locked monthly competition topic in the forum by the SSC Manager.
  4. Each member may submit one screenshot for each month's competition. They can change their entry as often as they wish until the closing date, or may withdraw their entry.
  5. A caption must be included with the entry, but must not be embedded in the image.
  6. An image may be any rectangular shape and size, in a Windows recognised graphics format, (JPG, GIF, PNG) with a maximum file size of 1024KB.
  7. Screenshots may be edited before submission to crop out Windows frames, menus, and text added by Flight Simulator. Colour enhancement, retouching, or other edits will not be permitted.  Non-approved editing will result in disqualification of that screenshot.
  8. Any screenshot entered must have been taken by the member submitting it.
  9. Screenshots must have been taken during a Club Qualifying Flight as defined in the general Club Rules. This may include the time before and after flight during which the member is online.
  10. Screenshots must feature, or be taken from, a light aircraft as defined by ICAO, except where a Club Qualifying Flight allows for heavier aircraft, such as, but not exclusively, during a 2-4-CIX display.
  11. It must be clearly apparent from the screenshot (and not from any explanatory correspondence) that the photograph was taken in compliance with rule 10. Screenshots which do not include the pilot's aircraft or part thereof, or another member's light aircraft, must include some other element which clearly identifies compliance with rule 10.


  1. Screenshots will be judged by all FULL members using the SSC Voting system.
  2. Select up to three entries as First, Second, and Third.
  3. The SSC Voting system will award 12 points for a First, 6 points for a Second, and 3 points for a Third
  4. The total points will be made available to the Adjudicator who will announce the results on the Forum at the beginning of the following month.
  5. In the event of a tie for any position, the Adjudicator will make a final decision.
  6. The Adjudicator has sole discretion as to whether entries comply with the rules of the competition, and may disqualify a screenshot which in his opinion does not comply.


  1. The winning entry each month will be used as the website Home page Cover Picture for 1 month. The web page will permit viewing it at full size. The winner will be invited to submit a caption or descriptive text for use on the page.
  2. Previous 1st place entries will be included in the rotating Library of "Header Pictures" used at the top right of each web page for at least 1 year.
  3. Winning and placed entries for each month will be displayed on the website Competition pages, grouped by year.

Version 3.6   1/10/2015