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2-4-CIX Aerobatics Team Leaders

2-4-CIX is the Club's Display and Aerobatics division. There are four teams - the Tigers, Flying Dehavilland DH82 Tiger Moths, the Chips, flying Dehavilland DHC2 Chipmunks, and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, featuring an Avro Lancaster, a Hawker Hurricane and a Supermarine Spitfire. The teams put on displays for the Club once or twice a year normally, or for special occasions.

2-4-CIX Coordinator and Tigers Team Leader

Max Symons

Max started small. He used to design (including stress calcs), build, fly and perform crash investigations on fixed wing Radio Controlled aeroplanes up to about 5ft wingspan. He has flown a number of times with a colleague in a micro-light Zenair Zodiac 601UL. Before joining the CIX VFR Club in October 2008, his FS experience was mainly flying Round Britain in the Cessna 172 flying from small strip to small strip, and navigating using an AA atlas and totally avoiding using the inbuilt GPS. When he discovered a 601XL for FS9 on Zenithair´s WEB site, he converted it for FSX, and made it resemble the 601UL, and uploaded it to the AVSIM site as a "Zenair Zodiac 601". He was an active member of the 2-4-CIX Display Team from October 2010 until 2015. He has recently reformed and leads the 2-4-CIX Tiger-Moth Team.

Chips Team Leader

Dennis Hardy

Dennis has been an aviation enthusiast since getting his first Biggles book for Christmas at the age of 10 (which he still has on his bookcase!). Although not a qualified pilot, over the years he has flown in a multitude of different light aircraft from weight shift microlights to gliders and general aviation aircraft. His most memorable experience was in a C150 aerobat as the pilot was practicing his aerobatic routine. A flight simmer since the mid 90s and a long time R/C modeller, he has experience flying both R/C fixed wing and helicopters. He is now retired from a career as a Quality Manager and Health & Safety Officer in the pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Since retiring he has built his own "simpit" - simulated cockpit - based round 2 networked pcs. He joined the CIX VFR Club in 2011 and obtained the VATSIM P1 pilot rating shortly afterwards. He obtained the VATSIM P2 Rating in 2012 and more recently the P3 rating. His long experience has enabled him to carry out the VATSIM P1, P2 & P3 training for the club.

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Leader

Peter Dodds

In the 50th Anniversary year of the Dambusters Raid, Peter went to watch the remaining airworthy Lancaster in the UK, fly over the Derwent Dams near Sheffield, where the original 617 Squadron had practised for the raid. The lake was lined on both sides by veterans who saluted as the aircraft flew low over the lower dam. In the same year, Peter was given a copy of the superb Plane Design Lancaster for FSX. These two events inspired Peter to form a tribute flight to include a Spitfire and a Hurricane. They have performed at every Club Display since then.