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Informal Weekly Activities

Group Flights

On most evenings of the week, members gather at an aerodrome and on TeamSpeak to fly and chat, making these evenings very sociable and great fun. These activities are planned and discussed in the forum, which is open to club members only. Some of these trips are short lived, but others turn into long running flights across continents. The more structured or recently active informal events are listed here with links to relevant forum topics for club members. New members and rookie pilots are all welcome. The activities are all very relaxed, and new pilots can learn a lot on these eveneings.

Mel's Mad Mondays - A regular Monday evening flight started by Mel Kirk to help beginners. This group has a very large forum topic, so scroll to the end to find the current activities. The current series is a tour across the USA following the famous Route 66.

Don Johnson and Friends - Regular Tuesday evening group flights around the UK and Ireland.

Wednesdays - Continental Drift The current trip - just started so not too late to catch up - is following the Pan American Highway from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska

Thursday is a night for members to please themselves, as currently no Club activities take place on Thursdays.

Friday Rotary Club

This new adventure for summer 2018 sees us flying helicopters round the mountains and through the valleys of the more scenic parts of the planet. This has been allocated to Fridays, weekly at present. Whether you are good enough to land on a ten-pence piece, or just somewhere within the airfield boundary, do join in this new adventure. It will challenge fixed-wing pilots enormously, but perseverance is the name of this game.

Saturdays The Saturday-nighters are currently trying their hand at landing at some of the most extreme airfields in the world - airfields such as Courchevel in the French Alps, with its very short runway of only 537 metres (1,762 ft) on a gradient of 18.6%. Because of the surrounding mountainous terrain, there is no missed approach procedure at Courchevel! Our intrepid saturday aviators are finding a number of other extreme airports world-wide.  Do join them!

Sundays - a DIY day (or a day of rest).

Don't Forget!

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Any Ideas?

If you have an idea for an event, why not email the Director of Operations to discuss it?