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Competition Screenshots

Welcome to the Screen Shot Competition Gallery Pages

Starting in July 2009, by popular demand the Club introduced a monthly screenshot competion for members. For the first two years members submitted their shots to a competition gallery on Google Picasa. Towards the end of each month the gallery was closed, and working separately four judges selected what they considered to be the best four. Each judge's selections were sent to the adjudicator, who announced the first, second, and third placed results.

In April 2011, after the forum software was updated, the club switched the competition to a forum based media facility. This enabled members to upload their entries directly to the club web site. At the same time, judging was changed to allow all full members to vote for the entries which they consider to be the best three of the month. The judging rules were amended accordingly.

In February 2012 a new process was introduced to make it easier to upload a screenshot and enter the competition. This allowed members to select an image file, enter a caption and click on a "Submit" button. It then provided three lines of text to copy and paste into a post in the current month's competition topic on the forum.

October 2013 saw a further simplification of this entry process. The competition manager took over maintenance of the forum topic, and entries remain anonymous until after the results are published.

If you are unsure about what makes a good screenshot, we have provided a Help Page to get you started. Good luck!

The winning shots from each monthly competition are grouped by year. They can be seen by selecting one of the following links.

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