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Welcome to CIX VFR CLUB!

The CIX VFR Club is a group of Flight Simulation enthusiasts, who enjoy flying extremely realistic simulated light aircraft around the United Kingdom and across the world, over a computer generated landscape made up of real photographs and within an Internet community environment. We currently have around 800 members, of whom 80 are currently active, in at least eleven countries, which reflects the world-wide appeal of aviation simulation. Our TeamSpeak forum now resides within the Digital Theme Park Community.

Latest News

VATSIM's Code of Conduct was updated in July 2022. They require we read and inwardly digest.

The Club now fully embraces Microsoft's FS2020, with a number of members regularly and some exclusively using this application for their flights. Development seems to be slow, but improving as more and more 3rd party developers introduce new aircraft and scenery products, especially now that they can upgrade their classics from other platforms. As we said last year, to have the broadest possible appeal, the existing FSX and P3D developers MUST be included in Microsoft's expansion plans. It would seem that this is now happening. The Club continues to welcome new members, as well as one or two returning dormant members. Welcome to them all.

We are very happy with the new Teamspeak Server within the Digital Theme Park organisation. Thank you Norm and Zoolander and team for their continued assistance. The concensus is that we are very happy to be part of the DTP community.

The Members Online map that shows club members currently flying/controlling (linked further down the homepage), has been updated and fixed. If you find any issues with it, please report details in the forum.

The Club's Air Traffic Control manual gets an update! The manual that defines how we all operate with ATC when online has been brought up to date and now incorporates all the changes to RTF phraseology that have taken place in the real world since the last version as well as many other amendments to UK airspace descriptions and minor errors.


Club Nights

The Club runs informal group flights on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at present. These are mostly tours of interesting places with spectacular scenery, with the occasional tricky landing thrown in. Whilst flying, members enjoy informal chat and banter on our Teamspeak channel, which makes these events very sociable. New members are always very welcome on these tours and beginners are given all the help they need to get going. The current tours are listed on the simple calendar on the right.

On Wednesdays, as well as the evening tour, we operate lunchtime "on demand" workshop flights for new members and new pilots when there is a request for them, to ease them into the world of on-line flying with other pilots and Air traffic Control (ATC). It's the ATC that often gets new pilots all nervous, just the same as in the real world and these sessions are designed to help overcome nerves. Similar help is also available on our other weekly flight nights, but the workshop flights concentrate specifically on getting new pilots airborne and comfortable in the on-line world.

January's Event

A bit of a flying and navigation challenge, visiting some classic bridges in the West Country and Wales. I hope you all checked there were no 'watchers' before flying under any bridge. Thanks Colin, another good event.

A number of members joined the memorial flight on the 24th in respect of our late member, Len Henning. It was decided that this should be designated a 'special Event', earning a Star for those members who flew it during the week of the 24th. Thank you Ed and Ingar for organising it.

February's Event

This is part 1 of a tour of some of the 'AltiAlps' - challenging aifields and strips of the French Alps. I have flown most of it already, VERY challenging. Plan your flight with care and select your aircraft with care as well. For instance you will need to valley fly up to A8000 (or up to A1000ft if wimping over the top). Many of the strips are in one way, out the reverse, not level and short. Especially if you try to stay below the peaks (valley fly) it WILL be a challenge and great fun.

Activities in February 2024

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Mondays: The MMMT'ers continue their tour of the south African countries, with Mozambique.

Tuesdays: The group, in Scotland, have turned south, criss crossing the country as they go.

Wednesdays: The Wednesday group continue their tour of the Rockies, in Nevada.

Thursdays:Nothing Scheduled.

Fridays: The Rotory group continue their journey north, up the west coast of Canada.

Saturdays:Nothing Scheduled.

Sundays:Nothing Scheduled


We normally offer two flight training courses: - a basic "get you flying" course and a comprehensive General Flying Course, which is modelled closely on the real world Private Pilots Licence course. However, one-to-one training availability is currently limited, so we are running "new pilot help flights" on Wednesday lunchtime These flights are relaxed, fun and informative. Join in on TeamSpeak. Other informal training on specific topics can also be arranged. Just post a request on the forum.

We can also run Radio Telephony courses, again modelled on real world practice.

Click on the Training menu tab on the Menu Bar for full details. We are looking for Assistant Flying Instructors

Scenes from Our Flights

Some of the spectacular views available when flying light aircraft, whether real world, or in a simulation. They reinforce our enthusiasm for this hobby.

April 2023

CIX Tigers in echelon right turn at Strathallan

Airfield Updates

Neville Munro's UK airfield datasheets:

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All About the Club

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