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Flight Simulation in Light Aircraft

Welcome to CIX VFR CLUB!

The CIX VFR Club is a group of Flight Simulation enthusiasts who enjoy flying extremely realistic simulated light aircraft, chiefly around the United Kingdom, across a computer generated landscape made up of real photographs, and within an Internet community environment. We have around 700 registered members in 63 countries, which reflects the world-wide appeal of aviation simulation.

Latest News

Members are eagerly awaiting the launch of VATSIM's brand new voice technology, on Monday 14th October 2019. This new technology offers the amazing next level of immersion - "the dawn of the next generation of online flight simulation", say VATSIM.
Friday Nights "Rotary Club" has a steady group of members trying the special challenge of flying with the fan above you. Some are better at it than others, but everyone is up for the challenge, led by our stalwart Rotary leader from Albuquerque, David Roark. The latest challenge has been to land on top of a group of ex-WWII forts out in the North Sea, created by member John Bray for X-Plane. Sadly, they aren't available for FSX.
Frank Fisher (M-UDAL nearest camera) lands neatly on the top of one of the seven towers which make up Redsands Fort, located at the mouth of the Thames Estuary. All these towers were previously connected by metal grate walkways.

Club Nights

The Club runs informal group flights on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at present. These are mostly tours of interesting places with spectacular scenery, with the occasional tricky landing thrown in. Whilst flying, members enjoy informal chat and banter on our Teamspeak channel, which makes these events very sociable. New members are always very welcome on these tours, and beginners are given all the help they need to get going. The current tours are listed on the simple calendar on the right.

October Event

Night approach
Your best friend is a keen photographer who has successfully progressed to the final of an international aviation photography competition. He needs a dramatic aerial shot of Gatwick Airport's Runway 08 - better than this one for sure!. Your task is to help him get his winner. Checkout the Briefing on the Monthly Events page.

Coming Up

Also check the Monthly Events page for details of our regular special events held every month. Each month we offer a new challenge, or simply a scenic flight through dramatic landscapes. Sometimes you get both!

Activities in October 2019

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Mondays: The Monday Nighters have left Russia and are now exploreing Mongolia

Tuesdays: Don Johnson & Friends are touring the beautiful Western Isles of Scotland

Wednesdays: Following the Pan American Highway South to North

Thursdays: Nothing scheduled

Fridays: Rotary Club - A coastal tour of the UK anticlockwise landing on lighthouses and WWII forts among other things

Saturdays: Nothing Scheduled

Sundays: Nothing Scheduled

Members Online

Whos Flying

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X-Plane Xperts

More and more members are flying with X-Plane since the launch of Version 11. X-Plane is constantly being updated with new scenery, new and improved features. Starting in Autumn 2019, the Club's X-Plane experts are responding to this by adding new website material for X-Plane  - tutorials, aircraft, tips and tricks from the world-wide user base.

September 2019

Screenshot Competition Winner
September 2019

Peter Dodds - Escaping the Fjords

Our September event was a re-enactment of a Biggles story in which he escapes the enemy in Norway by stealing a floatplane in Bodø harbour at dawn and weaving through the valleys and along the fjords below the mountain tops and radar to land near Stokka airfield. Peter successfully escaped in this Cessna 206 LN-FFF, a type he had never flown before.

Airfield Datasheet Updates

Neville is updating the Club's airfield data sheets. The latest batch (September 2019) include:


We offer two flight training courses: - a basic "get you flying" course and a comprehensive General Flying Course, which is modelled closely on the real world Private Pilots Licence course. Informal training on specific topics is also available by arrangement with the Chief Flying Instructor.
We also run Radio Telephony courses, again modelled on real world practice.

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All About the Club

If you would like to know more about what we do, please browse this site at your leisure. A summary of what we do and why can be found on this page.