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VATSIM Pilot Ratings

VATSIM Pilot Ratings Scheme


The VATSIM Pilot Ratings Scheme was introduced in 2010.  The scheme has several goals: -

  • To promote activity to train VATSIM pilots at all stages of experience using third party resources such as Cix VFR Club who are qualified and monitored by VATSIM.  The list of tasks to be done to qualify for a VATSIM pilot rating are detailed by VATSIM but the Club has been allowed to build it's own methods and procedures for delivering ratings.
  • It aims to provide pilots with recognition for having achieved demonstrated success in online flying at several levels and with a consistent worldwide standard for each rating.
  • Although global in scope the scheme fully recognises regional and local variance from ICAO standards. The Club, being a VFR Club based in the United Kingdom will deliver its training and tests using the rules which apply in the United Kingdom.

ATO Certificate

On the left is our ATO Certificate. Click image to view a larger copy. Click this link to download as a pdf.

N.B. It must be emphasised that this scheme is not compulsory. many pilots will choose not to gain these ratings, and that is, and always will be, acceptable to VATSIM, as declared by the Founders in 2009.

Training Calendar

This page shows the Club Training activity, both VATSIM Pilot Ratings Flight Tests and other Club training sessions. If you want to check when your test is due, or see when you might expect to get a booking, this is the page to go to.

Our Instructors

Details of our current training team can be seen on the above link.

The VATSIM Pilot Ratings

There will be nine distinct ratings for all pilots.  The P1 Rating must be passed before any other rating is attempted, but all the other ratings may be attempted without the need to pass any of the other ratings P2 to P9 first.  Follow the links for additional information about each rating.

P1 VATSIM Online Pilot
P2: VATSIM Flight Fundamentals
P5 :VATSIM Advanced IFR Pilot
P6: VATSIM International and Oceanic Pilot
P7: VATSIM Helicopter VFR and IFR Pilot
P8: VATSIM Military Special Operations Pilot
P9: VATSIM Pilot Flight Instructor

The Student Training Records System

This is the web-based recording system for Student progress and the award of Ratings.  You must be registered with the Club as a Student Member and be logged into the Club Forum before you can gain access to this system.

Club Members

If you are already registered as a Club Member, either a "Full" member or an "Associate" member, you can simply send a Private Message on the Forum to the Training Administrator requesting enrollment on the VATSIM Pilot Ratings Scheme.  He will send you the link to the appropriate Application Form (currently P1 and P2 only).  He will then register you as a Student Member (this is an additional sub-category to your existing Membership category), and enrol you on a course.  You will then be able to access the Student Training Record System (STRS), but you can view only your own records.


If you are reading this and are not already a Club member, but wish to take the Pilot Ratings courses with the Club, then you need to enroll as a Club Member. This link provides the information you need to join the Club.