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VATSIM Pilot Ratings

The P1 Rating

VATSIM P1 Ratings Awarded by the CIX VFR Club

Awarded by Other ATOs

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Club Members:


The VATSIM Pilot Ratings

There will be nine distinct ratings for all pilots. The P1 Rating must be passed before any other rating is attempted, but all the other ratings may be attempted without the need to pass any of the other ratings P2 to P9 first.

Training Calendar

This page shows the Club Training activity, both VATSIM Pilot Ratings Flight Tests and other Club training sessions. If you want to check when your flight test is due, or see when you might expect to get a booking, this is the page to go to.

The Student Training Records System

This is the web-based recording system for Student progress and the award of Ratings.  You must be registered with the Club as a Student Member and be logged into the Club Forum before you can gain access to this system.

P1 Training Manual

This document allows members to self-brief on the VATSIM P1 requirements, with lists of required software, links to VATSIM and other external sources, with descriptions of the knowledge required and examples.

P1 Test Procedure

The P1 test will comprise a written test and a practical flight test. This document is a full description of the procedure adopted by the Club for conducting P1 Rating tests.

P1 Application Form

This is the Application Form to apply to take the P1 Rating tests. On completing this form you will be registered as a Student giving you access to the Student Training Records System (STRS) in the "Members' Only" section of the club web site, and enrolled on the P1 Rating Test. It also helps the Club allocate the best Instructor for your training and flight test.

NOTE: Once enrolled you have seven days in which to complete and submit the written test otherwise your application will be cancelled and marked as a failure in your STRS records. You will have to re-apply to be enrolled on the test again. The flight test will be arranged once you have passed the written test.

Feedback Form

If you have taken your P1 Rating with the Club - thank you. Not only does it enhance your reputation on VATSIM as a pilot, but it raises the Club's profile on VATSIM too. To complete the process, when you have completed your P1 flight test, the Examiner will ask you to complete a brief report on your experience of the P1 Rating Test.