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Events History - 2011

Details of 2011 Star Events

CIX Christmas Caper
December 2011

Every year the CIX VFR club goes away for the Christmas holiday season. We've been to France and Italy; we've been to Norway; we've been to Vancouver Island. They were a bit too chilly for our liking, so it's out with the cutlasses, onto the shoulder with the parrot, a quick "Arr Jim Lad!" and we're off to the Bahamas! For full details, see the Briefing Document.

NE Shuffle
November 16th

For one night only, the shuttle will operate between Durham Tees Valley (EGNV) and Newcastle (EGNT). We'll be taking passengers on sightseeing trips between the cities, and the popularity of the event is such that you can expect to be flying fully loaded aircraft the whole time. For full details, see the Briefing Document.

Trick or Treat
October 26th

A bit of dark Hallowe'en excitement between Gloucestershire and Cardiff. For full details, see the Briefing Document.

Northern Round Robin
July 27th

This month we'll be embarking on a three-leg round robin in the North of England. We'll be starting from Newcastle and heading West to Carlisle for a brief stop, before continuing South and East to Durham Tees Valley, and then finally back to Newcastle.

Push-Ups for Pilots
June 24th

How good are your flying skills? When was the last time you performed a steep turn? Or a glide approach, or a power-off stall? Join us at Biggin Hill for an evening of upper air work and circuit bashing and get those skills honed to perfection. For full details, see the Briefing Document.

Callsign Confusion
May 24th

Liverpool and Gloucester with a twist of callsign confusion. "Tower, say again, was that for Golf Echo Mike Delta Mike or Golf Mike Delta Echo Mike?" For full details, see the Briefing Document.

Hamburg to Emden
April 12th

The third part of our series of joint flights with the Friesenflieger sees us returning from Hamburg to Emden.

Fisher... Dogger... German Bight
March 29th

The first of a series of events sees us heading to the Northern part of Germany to visit with our friends in the Friesenflieger. For full details, see the Briefing Document.

Magdeburg to Bremen with VATSIM Germany
February 22nd

Thomas Adler invited us to join with VATSIM Germany's fourth group flight on VFR Tuesday, 2011-02-22, from Magdeburg to Bremen.

Blackpool Rock
January 19th

We will be flying to Blackpool for a spot of beach cricket (very bracing at this time of year!), to see the famous Illuminations, and possibly a fish & chip supper. We will depart from Sleap and fly North through the Manchester Low Level Route. Having enjoyed our day out, we will return to Sleap for tea and medals. Full details in the Briefing Document.