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Activities for Flightsimmers

Flying Activity

Bar Chart

This chart shows the Club's flying activity over the last two years, as reported by our members using the Club's PIREP facility.


A club meeting

The Operations Director oversees and advises on all organised club activities. The emphasis is on meetings. Members meet in three ways: by connecting their Flight Simulator to VATSIM, where they can see each other, and fly together under simulated Air Traffic Control, by connecting to the club's TeamSpeak voice channel, where we discuss plans and help each other, and by joining conversations in the club's very active Forum, where more help is available. New pilot members are especially welcome at these informal meetings. The picture on the left shows a meeting at Biggin Hill. When no events are planned, follow the "Meetings" link for suggested activities.


Baron at Pirkkala

The Events Manager, with occasional help from other club members, dreams up ideas, plans, and organises our club events, providing briefings, links to charts and other essential information to make events very enjoyable meetings with other members. Members also take part in some events arranged by other members, or by our foreign colleagues. The picture on the left was taken during a visit to see Santa in Finland. Follow the "Events" link for details of club events.

Flight Planning

A flight plan

With even a simple flight plan, flying an aircraft is considerably easier than if no flight plan at all is prepared. With a flight plan, your workload is much reduced. You know where you are going, the headings to fly and the obstacles, such as prohibited airspace, TV masts and mountains to avoid, and look out for your next waypoint (and if it doesn't arrive, decide why before panicking!) Without a flight plan you are always anxiously asking yourself the question "where am I?". Then ATC comes on and asks you to confirm your position. "Err.."


Map linking locations

Club meetings started on VATSIM originally at Biggin Hill in February 2004. Gloucestershire was added as a second meeting place in December 2004. Towards the end of 2007 it was decided to adopt three more airfields, Carlisle, Liverpool, and Shoreham. In November 2008 these three were replaced by a new concept of Guest airfields, which are selected each month by our Events Manager. He also nominates a Roving Base location every three months. More recently Shoreham was adopted as an informal training location. Follow the "Locations" link for details of our Bases and Guest Airfields.


Members of the display team

The CIX VFR Club Aerobatic Team "2-4-CIX" consists of virtual pilots flying Tiger Moths and Chipmunks in the club colours. The club was asked to open the first annual Sywell Air Show organised by Bill Casey in 2005. Due to it's success in that role, it was asked to open the show again the following year. The 2-4-CIX club team was formed and did much training to provide a more polished performance. The Sywell Air Show stopped after 2008, but the 2-4-CIX team still continues to train and gives shows from time to time. Follow the "2-4-CIX" link for more about team activities.

Pilot Reports

The PIREP form

Members are encouraged to complete a PIREP flight report after each qualifying flight.