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Briefing MAY 2021

Initially created by retired member Mel Kirk, this event is a test of many aspects of flying and airmanship, as well as being great fun. To get the best of all of that from the event, you will need to plan it well, anticipate possible problems and appropriate solutions. Above all, enjoy.

Scenario The event is centred on our base at Shoreham EGKA. It involves the SAME ROUTE for each aircraft. All Fights begin and end at Shoreham.

  • Depart to the East to Seaford VOR [SFD 117.0 MHz]; Return to Shoreham for a Touch and Go.
  • Depart to the NW to Midhurst VOR [MID 114.0MHz]; Return to Shoreham for a Touch and Go.
  • Depart to the NE to Mayfield VOR [MAY 117.9 MHz]; Return to Shoreham for a Touch and Go.
  • Depart to the West to Goodwood VOR [GWC 114.75MHz]; Return to Shoreham and land.

When you have flown these four elements, you will have completed the event. Well done. To ensure an enjoyable flight for all participants, please read the notes below carefully.

Start Time and Place

Start your simulator with your aircraft at Shoreham, 'cold and dark'. Be ready to commence flying from 1900hrs local (1800Z) on Tuesday May 25th 2021.

Estimated flight time is 2 hours. Your VATSIM flight plan should be from EGKA to EGKA with the comment "Local navigation exercise".

Flight Planning (Plan-G, Little NavMap)
When planning your flight, please remember the following:-
  1. Approach is responsible for aircraft outbound and inbound for 10 minutes flight time (about 10-15 nm).
  2. Whilst with Approach (or Tower) you MUST follow HEADING and LEVEL instructions to avoid confliction with other aircraft, because, as the event gets underway, there will be aircraft flying in and out of Shoreham to and from 3 or 4 directions. - Hence the event title!
  3. Use the Radio Navigation Aids (the Seaford, Mayfield and Midhurst VORs, Shoreham's NDB and DME) and your heading bug to maintain accurate headings and position fixes.
  4. Unless instructed by ATC, once you are in a stream of traffic, do not jump in front of the next aircraft.
  5. Your flight must follow the sequence shown in the Scenario above
  6. When contacting Shoreham Tower, inbound, it would help if
    1. You report at 4nm final and
    2. You request your outbound direction, as in "Shoreham Tower, G-GATC, for touch and go, departure to the (e.g.) North West".
  7. Approach will endeavour to space aircraft from one another. Try to maintain the same separation, or, if that isn't possible, you may have to practice orbits or an overhead join!
  8. If ALL pilots exercise good airmanship, it will be very busy, but will work.
  9. KEEP CLEAR OF CONTROLLED AIRSPACE, especially when turning at the Mayfield and Midhurst VORs.
  10. Remember that you are beneath the London TMA, which is Class A airspace, whose base is at 2500ft amsl so remain 'Not Above 2300ft altitude' to ensure you do not infringe the TMA.
Flight Training Reminder

"Touch and go" is the term for touching down and immediately taking off again without stopping.

"Full stop turnaround" is the term for executing a landing, stopping on the runway, then backtracking as necessary prior to making an immediate take off. If you advise ATC that this is your intention, they can give you the appropriate instructions or information.

What Aircraft can I fly

Any single or twin engine aircraft within the EASA "Light" category (see Club Rules for details). BUT before you decide to use your Mooney Bravo, or King Air, remember you will need to maintain distance from a Cessna C172 at 70kts (or less) on final and 100kts in the cruise.

Weather... or Not

Before starting we will check the weather. If it is unsuitable for the trip as planned, then we will fix it. Something we can do in the simulator - wouldn't it be nice if we could do it in real life! Those using SquawkboxB or XSquawkbox will need to turn off the on-line weather updates, and select calm in the FS weather options. Whilst CAVOK is ideal if IFR conditions exist.


You may expect to have ATC from Shoreham Approach [123.150]; Shoreham Tower [125.40]; and possibly Goodwood Information [122.450].

Radio Discipline

As (hopefully) there could be at least 16 participating aircraft, keep your transmissions short. Use other aircraft's transmissions to build a mental picture of where they are.

Listen when aircraft ahead of you on the same leg are making their calls, and make yours in turn, that way, you will not 'tread on' someone else's transmission.

Avoid chatter on TeamSpeak once the ATC airwaves get busy. Save it for the end of the evening.

Club Star Award

All CIX CLUB pilots who complete the event on the day, will receive the Monthly Event star.

Acknowledgements Event Idea: Mel Kirk
Event planning: Neville Munro
Briefing: Neville Munro and Peter Dodds
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