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Briefing AUGUST 2020
Overview The CFI's Challenge is to take off from Gloucestershire Staverton (EGBJ) from runway 27 in one of your simulator's default gliders, with an aero-tow to an altitude such that you can then glide to RAF Fairford (EGVA). Simples!  It isn't a competition, however, just a fun challenge.
Start Time and Place The main event will take place on Wednesday August 19th starting from 18:30 hrs UTC. If you cannot make that date, the event may be flown on any day in the month of August. As this event will require use of runway 27 irrespective of any on-line ATC instructions, the flight (and any practice flights) can be made using JoinFS and the "CIX Hub", and will be an "Authorised Off-line" flight.
Technical Information To make it a level playing field for all: -
  1. You are asked to maintain a heading of 270 degrees until you reach your planned release altitude.  This is because in FSX you can't "steer" the tug so you are obliged to maintain a heading of 270 degrees until you release the tow. If you are using X-Plane, although the tug can be steered, you must do the same.
  2. You must set zero winds at all altitudes from ground level to above your planned release altitude..
  3. You must use one of the "default" gliders.
  1. Can you keep the tow-line taut? (If it goes slack the Tug will disconnect the tow - and you're on your own!)
  2. Can you stay below the tug aircraft? (In the real world, if you get above the tug you can send it into an unrecoverable dive!)
  3. How soon/where can you release the tow and still make EGVA? (Runway 27 is in the wrong direction to get to Fairford, so you will need to quickly calculate the required heading from your release position, and make the required turn after releasing the tow!).
  4. Can you trim for the best glide? (Hint - push the stick forward and get good "penetration" (ground speed), but you also descend faster. Pull the stick back and you might stay in the air a little longer, but the glide angle is much steeper, so you come down faster. You need to find the optimum pitch angle to maximise forward speed and minimise descent rate. Tricky!).
  5. Local farmers get a bit "angsty" at gliders plowing up/ruining their crops, so work out/be ready to divert to land at an airfield, and know your "point of no return"!
  6. You may have as many attempts as you wish.
  7. Please note/record the geographical position where you disconnect the tow (and at what altitude) - the closer to EGBJ, and the lower the better! - While still being able to reach Fairford.
You are on your own for this one!
Training/Help If anyone would like training or clarification about gliding techniques, please send Max Symons a private forum message to arrange a suitable time and date. Book early to avoid disappointment, don't they say?
Weather... or Not Before starting we will check the weather. If it is unsuitable for our trip as planned, then we will fix it. Something we can do in the simulator - wouldn't it be nice if we could do it in real life! FSInn has a "CAVOK" button. Click this and you get calm clear weather. Those using Squawkbox B (FS) or XSquawkbox (X-Plane) will need to turn off the on-line weather updates, and select calm in the simulator weather options.
What Aircraft can I fly The default glider which is part of your similator package is the only permitted aircraft for this challenge.
ATC We will not require ATC for this event.
Radio Discipline You can concentrate on your best glide for this event - no need to be distracted by ATC instructions.
Acknowledgements Event planning: Max Symons
Briefing: Peter Dodds
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