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Events History - 2019

Details of 2019 Star Events

A Trip to the Tower
January 22nd 2019

Members of CIX VFR Club were invited to have a look round the airfield, including the tower, at Manchester International Airport. After the guided tour, Garibaldi biscuits & Yorkshire tea, we filed our flight plan for the trip home and departed the way we came.
Here is the Briefing Document

The Club's 15th Birthday Flyin
February 18th 2019

The Club is celebrating 15 years of operation this February. As a change from our 2-4-CIX displays which we have held for some years we are going back 15 years to the days when our events were "Flyins". Members flew from an airfield of their choice to a single destination. We then sat on the Apron looking at each other (thanks to the new "multiplayer" phenomenon in FS2004) and chatting socially on Teamspeak (which continues to be a major feature of Club life today). So - fly in to Wellesbourne Mountford (EGBW) on the evening of Monday 18th February, and meet your friends.
Here is the Briefing Document

Mel's March Mayhem
Tuesday March 26th 2019

This event is a salute to Mel Kirk, who designed the first 'Mel's Mad Monday'. It follows his original scenario of departing Shoreham, landing at a remote airfield, and returning to Shoreham where everyone was required to execute the infamous overhead join.  With a number of pilots arriving within a very short space of time, this resulted in a situation which could indeed be a bit mad - or even complete mayhem!  This months event, although held on a Tuesday, features two remote Airfields , with the possibility of requiring not one but two or even three overhead joins. Mayhem would therefore seem an appropriate description for this event. Here is the Briefing Document.