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 Post Event Report Tuesday 24th April 2007  


   A REAL HOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

       IMAGINATIVE !!!!!!!!!!!

          TEN OUT OF TEN !!!!!!

              A SUPER EVENING !!

Just some of the comments received following this event, which involved a joint total of 14 members from the CIX VFR Club and the Virtual Bristol Flying Club, taking to the virtual air over the Welsh valleys on the evening of Tuesday 6th March 2007.

Flying from Gloucester and Bristol, pilots were given a route to fly, and were posed a number of questions, the answers to which were printed on the fabric of a series of hot air balloons found floating across the landscape, some being visible from several miles, others hidden low down in the valleys.

Keen eyesight and the ability to fly slowly, at times close to the surrounding hillsides, were an advantage when trying to spot the balloons and read the answers while flying past them.

A single letter was also printed on each balloon and this, when put with the letters from the other balloons and re-arranged, gave the name of a famous airfield.

After an average of some two hours flying time, pilots were glad to set their wheels back on terra firma, head for the bar and try to solve the anagram.  However, after several stiff drinks, Tony D was heard to cry, "What (hic!) lettershh..?"

With ATC provided by our own Mike Pike at Gloucester and Ruth McTighe on London Info, together with Wycliffe Barrett at Cardiff, this was an event to remember,  and Richard Sinclair is to be congratulated, especially as this was the first event he has organised for the club

Richards briefing report for the event can be found here

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