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Download scenery for the Alderney race here. (FS9/FSX)

The Course
The course consists of 7 markers, as detailed below:

Turn 1: South West Coast
Turn 2: South East Coast
Turn 3: Fort Raz
Turn 4: Fort Albert
Turn 5: Breakwater
Turn 6: Burhou Island
Turn 7: Casquets Light House

Total distance: 
The race will be SIX laps, in an anti-clockwise direction.
There is a VOR (ABB 108.45MHz) South East of the airfield.

Note: The screenshots depict the area with FSX default scenery. Other systems may differ.
Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture
Turning Points and Markers
Turn 1: South West Coast

Departing rwy 26, climb ahead and turn left around marker 1.
Departing rwy 08, fly a left hand circuit, around the outside of both markers.
Turn 2: South East Coast

Follow the South coast around the island
Turn 3: Fort Raz

Fort Raz is a victorian Fort, on Raz Island. It is accessible at low tide via a causeway, but sadly is not depicted in FSX. The marler is placed at the approximate position of the island.

Turn left around the outside of the marker
Turn 4: Fort Albert

Again, the fort is not depicted in FS.

Turn RIGHT around the marker and proceed on to
Turn 5: Breakwater

The marker is on the end of the harbour breakwater. Turn left around the marker.
Turn 6: Burhou Island

Burhou (pronounced Bu-roo)  island is a bird sanctuary, so try not to crash on it. Turn left around the marker
Turn 7: Casquets Light House

The lighthouse is not present in the default scenery, so the marker is double-sized to compensate. Make a left-hand hairpin turn around the marker.
Turn 8: Start-Finish

Head East, back to the main island. For laps 1 to 5, continue past the marker and along the South coast. On the last lap, turn left around the marker and sharp right to fly through the start-finish markers
Where do I go?
Or, What to Do At The Start Of The Race
The runway in use will be determined by the prevailing wind.

Climb straight ahead to 500ft then turn left around Turn 1.

Make a right-hand circuit, and turn left at the end of the downwind leg to Turn 1.
Rejoin Procedures
Or, What to Do At The End Of The Race
* After crossing the finish line, climb to 1000ft AAL and enter the circuit according to the published procedures.
* You may be required to hold until all competitors have crossed the finish line.

Pilot Aircraft Reg Fastest lap Start Handicap
Rob Jones DHC1 Chipmunk G-BMMO 9:01 1 0
Al regina Cessna 172 C-GIST 8:55 2 0:36
Tim Arnot ACA Decathalon G-DDTS 8:39 3 2:12
Position Pilot Aircraft Time Penalties
1 Tim Arnot ACA Decathalon 51:05 2
2 Al Regina Cessna 172 54:08 2
3 Rob Jones DHC1 Chipmunk 54:20 3
Turning around "Fort Raz" Tim and Al fight it out around the Lighthouse hairpin... Weather for qualifying was very choppy Dogfight...
Flying around the island... Qualifying: Start-Finish line Dogged determination! Al and Rob fight out a photo finish for second place.
 Pictures: Tim Arnot
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