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*** The 2008 Season has finished ***
  1. The race is open to all members of the Cix VFR Club.
  2. Contestants may enter any powered aircraft provided it has a normal cruise speed >= 100mph.
  3. The race will consist of 5 laps of a 25 mile (approx) marked course, starting and ending at the nominated airfield. There may also be point to point races.
  4. This is a straight race - first past the post wins.
  5. A delayed start handicap system will be employed. Faster planes will start later, such that if the course is flown perfectly, all planes would cross the finish line at the same time. A qualifying session will determine the handicap based on a fastest lap time.
  6. The course will be predominantly left-hand (since the pilot sits on the left in most aircraft)
  7. An overtaking aircraft shall overtake on the right. The aircraft being overtaken has right of way. A 10 second penalty will be imposed for overtaking on the left.
  8. A 10 second penalty will be imposed for flying inside a marker
  9. There will be two practice days before the race. No contestant may enter the race without having previously flown the course.
  10. Points will be awarded: 10 points for a win, 6 for second, 4 for third, 3 for fourth, 2 for 5th, 1 for sixth.
  11. All races in a season will combine together into a championship, the overall champion based on total points.
  12. Forced landing and retirement. Race position shall be determined according to the distance flown.
  13. A 60 second penalty will be imposed for missing out a marker completely.

Fly Low, Fly Fast, Turn Left! (but keep to the 500ft rule!)

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