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Base Models

This is a list of the models included in the base VUK model set.

Full VUK Model Set Aircraft List

ICAO code Fictional Name
A388   Airbus A380
ANSN   Avro Anson
AS28 X ASW28 Glider
ASOX X Airspeed Oxford
B06   Bell Jet Ranger
B17   Flying Fortress
BE18   Beech 18
BE58   Beech Baron 58
C152   Cessna 150 152
C172   Cessna 172
C177   Cessna 177RG
C206   Cessna 206
C421   Cessna 421
C82R   Cessna 182RG
DC3   Douglas Dakota
DH82   Tiger Moth
DH89   Rapide
DHC1   Chipmunk
DHC6   Twin Otter
EUFI   EuroFighter
F260   SF260
H111   Heinkell He111
HAWK   Hawk
HUNT   Hunter
HURI   Hurricane
ICAO code Fictional Name
JPRO   Jet Provost
KA7 X KA7 Glider
L14   Hudson
LANC   Lancaster
M20T, M20P ,M20J   Mooney Bravo
M7   Maule M7-260
ME09   Me109
NROD   Nimrod
P28A   PA28 140 150 160
P28B   PA28 150 161 181
P28C X PA28 180
P28D X PA28 235
P28E X PA28 236
P28R   PA28R 180R 200R
P51   Mustang
PA38   PA38
PC6P, PC6T   Pilatus Porter
S43 X Sikorsky S43
SP1 X Spitfire Mk1
SP14 X Spitfire Mk14
SP9 X Spitfire Mk9
T6   Texan Harvard
VC10   Nimrod
VULC   Vulcan