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FSInnDbaser.exe is a simple utility that uses data in a text file to populate the FSInn aircraft databases with the correct entries. These entries are pre-defined ICAO aircraft codes and airline codes for specific liveries. Running FSInnDbaser.exe will mean you do not need to manually configure the FSInn aircraft database via InnPlane.

Download the VUKBase.zip and the CXDBase.zip base model set and unzip the contents into your FS9 Aircraft folder or your FSX SimObjects/Airplanes folder, delete any previous CIX, CXD, VUK folders.

Download the FSInnDbaser.zip and extract the FSInnDbaser.exe into a folder of your choice, then download the ModelSetData.txt file into the same folder.

Running FSInnDbaser will use the ModelSetData.txt information and update the FSInn database with the correct aircraft and airline codes. It will clean out any existing VUK installations every time it is run to ensure a correct installation.


Sending the Correct Information

Squawkbox and FSInn deal in two codes - an aircraft code and an airline code. Some members have been allocated fictitious airline codes in order to show the correct model that they are flying. See the CIX Pilots page for details.

FSInn users - you must update your FSInn settings when going online to make sure that it sends the right information about your aircraft over the network. To do so open the FSInn Control Panel, and click on:

and type your specific CIX ALine code in the second box under "User" opposite "ALine ICAO" and then click on Apply.

In the example shown here the "Acft ICAO" is correctly set as C172 for the Cessna 172, but for some aircraft you will have to set this code as well.

Squawkbox users - things are much simpler. Go to:

Start - Connect - Aircraft List

You will need to edit any existing aircraft you have set up already or add a new aircraft. By clicking Edit or Add, you will need to choose your aircraft type by selecting from the VUK list of aircraft, for example:


You will then need to select your personal CIX airline from the Airline and Livery box.

James Mindham