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West Shropshire Soaring
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The CIX VFR Club
Club Events - Gliding
West Shropshire Soaring Briefing by: Peter Dodds.
  Briefing Tuesday 26th August 2008  
Introduction A number of members have suggested, via our annual members Questionaire that we run a gliding event.  Research into the subject discovered that to set up a gliding environment for Flight Simulator is not simple.  However, two members persevered and we are proud to bring to you a very different kind of on-line flying. It is important that you read the documentation identified in this briefing, as some additional software has to be downloaded and installed, and you would be wise to have a number of practices before the event itself.  In addition, because of the scope of the subject, the Club has produced a Gliding Manual which explains in detail all the steps required to start gliding with Flight Simulator.

At first reading, you may be put off taking part in this event, but the researchers found themselves being drawn in and in spite of the initial difficulties of understanding what was necessary, thoroughly enjoyed this different type of flying. Fortunately, once the software is understood, gliding is no more difficult to start up than any other flight. The hard bit is staying aloft once you are up there. It is quite likely that this event will be the first of several, if not many, in the coming years. Because of that, we took the trouble to create a Club Gliding manual which explains all the actions required to set up successfully.

A late change to this document is that the settings files for CCS2004 (Club Basic ccs.ini) and CumulusX (Long Mynd.cmx) have been uploaded to the web site, so that everyone can have exactly the same settings for the event.  See the Essential Downloads section below.
Powered Aircraft All of you members who claim not to be interested in gliding - why not leave your favourite aircraft in its hanger, get out a MOTORGLIDER and join us at Long Mynd. You will find that landing at Long Mynd even in a motorglider will be challenging. Not to mention taking off again. If you don't fancy that, then fly from Welshpool or Shobdon to watch the fun, and return to Gloucester.

Essential Downloads

The Cix VFR Club Gliding Manual

Requirement Source
Schleicher ASW28 Glider
FSUIPC3 for FS2004
CCS2004 for FS2004 Thermal Generating Application
CCS2004 ini file for Long Mynd Club Basic ccs.ini

Full installation instructions are included in the Cix VFR Club Gliding Manual. Also Save a copy of the original ccs.ini in your Program Files\CCS2004 folder and rename the Club Basic ccs.ini file as ccs.ini and place it in your Program Files\CCS2004 folder.
Warning: The CCS installation routine overwrites your copy of FSUIPC.dll and FSUIPC.ini.  Make safe copies of these before installing CCS2004, then replace the ones installed with your safe copies..

Requirement Source
Schleicher ASW28 Glider
Cumulus X Thermal Generating Application
CumulusX Full Instructions.
CumuluxX parameter file for the Long Mynd Event Long Mynd.cmx

Full installation instructions are included in the Cix VFR Club Gliding Manual.  Also copy Long Mynd.cmx to your FSX Modules\CumulusX folder, open the CumulusX Main Panel from "Addons" in the main FSX menu, then select "File/Load Settings" and load it from the list available.
Richard Sinclair has produced a Clubhouse, windsock and some gliders "parked" (untidily, but realistically) for Long Mynd in both FS2004 and FSX versions.  The modified versions have some of the static gliders removed, making it easier to land on flatter ground. James Mindham produced a modified Winch to align with that same ground. Richard has also placed balloons at each of the turning points to make identifying them really easy. Download the files, unzip to a temporary directory and follow the usual installation instructions.
FSX FS2004
Long Mynd Glider Station for FSX Long Mynd Glider Station for FS2004
Modified Long Mynd Glider Station for FSX Modified Long Mynd Glider Station for FS2004
Modified winch for FSX or FS2004 Modified winch for FSX or FS2004
Long Mynd Event course (Balloons) for FSX Long Mynd Event course (Balloons) for FS2004
Start Time and Place 18:30 zulu - The Midland Gliding Club premises at Long Mynd Glider Station, Shropshire. N52° 31.12' W002° 51.87' This site is on the top of The Long Mynd, a mountain some 1500 feet high with a steep western scarp. Moments after launch, gliders will be at 3000 feet above sea level, which gives them a good view of the spectacular countryside.
Departure and Duration Gliders will be launched by a Marshall at approximately 3 minute intervals to a height of 3000 feet above sea level, 1500 feet above the elevation of the launch point. The flight will be a cross-country round trip of some 20 miles in total. Depending on the lift found en route and the skill of the pilot, the flight will last between 30 minutes and one hour. Repeat launches will be available.
Weather The date should be set as 14th July, with a time of 13:30Zulu at startup. Set the FS winds to 240/08 knots, the cloud to few at 6000 feet, type cumulus, tops at 9000 feet. (use the "Advanced Weather" option in FS).  This provides good gliding conditions. Before connecting to Vatsim, set SB3 or FSInn to disable Vatsim weather.
Routing Overview The route will be Long Mynd, Craven Arms, Clun, Bishop's Castle, Long Mynd. A 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey map will probably be more useful than an aviation chart for this flight, although you must carry an aviation chart to comply with the law as it pertains to Gliding because you will be flying more than 5nm from the launch point.

Start Position End Position Bearing (True) Distance
Long Mynd N52° 31.12' W002° 51.87' Craven Arms N52° 26.67' W002° 50.13' 167° 4
Craven Arms N52° 26.67' W002° 50.13' Clun N52° 25.17' W003° 01.04' 258° 7
Clun N52° 25.17' W003° 01.04 Bishops Castle N52° 29.45' W002° 59.34' 026° 5
Bishops Castle N52° 29.45' W002° 59.34' Long Mynd N52° 31.12' W002° 51.87' 071° 5

Any adventurous glider pilot who decides to fly to Gloucestershire (EGBJ) and makes it will be awarded the virtual "Silver C" for meritorious cross-country flying.
Flight Plan The simplest suggestion, since long Mynd is not recognised by SB3 or FSInn is to file Welshpool to Welshpool VFR local flight to the south east. Duration 1 hour Endurance 2 hours. Don't file an alternate. Enter Cix VFR Club Gliding Event Long Mynd in the remarks section.
Radio Discipline It is unlikely that you will talk to anyone on the radio.  For realism, tune the radio to the recognised Gliding Frequencies 129.90, 130.125 and 130.40.  The radio has three programmable channels for this purpose. 129.900 is for ground to ground use (e.g. during launch) and is a shared frequency with non-gliding users, 130.125 is an exclusive gliding frequency and 130.400 is the frequency glider pilots use when entering cloud to broadcast their height and position. Teamspeak will, we hope be very active.
Landing Out If you fail to return to Long Mynd, you will be laughed at.  That is your sole punishment/cost. Therefore, we recommend that you practice a lot before the event, offline or online with other members.
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