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Over Snowdonia to RAF Valley where RAF pilots fly their first jets - the BAe Hawk
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Club Events - Home of The Hawk
Over Snowdonia to RAF Valley where RAF pilots fly their first jets - the BAe Hawk
 Briefing Wednesday 17th August 2005  
Leg Navigation Remarks
Gloucestershire to Shawbury VOR EGBJ to SWB Heading 348°

Distance 57nm
In addition to visual navigation Sleap Airdrome has a NDB on 382.0 kHz – it is only 4 miles from Hawbury, which has a VOR (SWB) and DME on 116.8MHz. If the DME is tuned in it should be possible to check distances.
There are no large hills on this leg, however due to the terrain a minimum of 2500’ seems sensible for this leg.
The first obvious landmark, to verify that you have set off in the right direction, is the Malvern Hills, They should be just left of Track, at about 15 nm en route (42 nm to run).
Kidderminster should be visible off the Right side of the plane at 30 miles (27mtr), From there the River Severn will remain on the right hand side all the way up to near Telford
Approaching Telford, the Wrekin should be just off the right hand side at 50 miles en route.
We may have service from Birmingham approach or Shawbury for LARS.
Shawbury to Caenarfon
Heading 294°
Distance 63nm
At SWB turn on to heading 294°. If visibility is good the Welsh hills should be visible in the distance, One will need to climb to 5000 feet to ensure clearance over Snowdon and to allow for any weather effects in the lee of the mountains.
En route one passes over Oswestry at 15nm from SWB , This is a good waypoint to ensure you are on track.
The lakes of Bala Lake and Llyn Celyn are just to the left of track at 35nm from SWB, By now one should be at 5000 feet for the run over the highest portion of the route.
The summit of Snowdon is just right of track at 55nm from SWB.
From there it is a run to the coast to Caernarfon airfield which is right at the end of the Menai Strait. Caernarfon has an NDB (320.0 KHz). As there is not much distance between Snowdon and Valley if possible it will be worth beginning the descent as soon as Snowdon Summit is passed, or descend as instructed by Valley ATC.
Caenarfon to Valley
Heading 329° Distance 11nm Follow along the west coast of Anglesey, and Valley is there nestling in a curve in the coastline.
We should have Valley open to provide us service.
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