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Club Events - Sywell 2005
The first Sywell Virtual Airshow, Sywell Airfield, Northamptonshire
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The CIX VFR Club
Club Events - Sywell 2005
The first Sywell Virtual Airshow, Sywell Airfield, Northamptonshire
 Briefing Thursday 14th July 2005  
  VATSIM's Bill Casey has organised this virtual Airshow for Vatsim members.  We have been invited to fly the first routine. We will not try anything too ambitious, limiting our presence to a line astern flypast of club members at 100 feet above the runway level.
Start Time See Briefing Document and Revised Briefing Document
Start Location The General Aviation Apron at Leicester
Airmanship This will be a challenging flight to keep together as we take off from Leicester.
Flight Plan The route is Leicester departure, orbit once overhead the field then direct to Market Harborough then Sywell right hand downwind for runway 21. Detailed Flight Planning Information can now be downloaded as an FS Navigator version. If runway 03 is in use, then this will be the flight plan. Note: In the interests of safety, and to ensure we are not at a disadvantage compared with other virtual pilots, the use of GPS will be permitted for this flight.
Visitors from Gloucester Club members not taking part in the flypast arriving from Gloucester or Biggin Hill should arrange to be on the ground at Sywell by 19:00 ZULU. Flight plan from Gloucestershire : Flight plan from Biggin
Radio Discipline Important We often have problems with ATC dialogue being cut across by Teamspeak dialogue. Remember to keep chat to a minimum; and nil during the flypasts.
Charts etc. An extract from the Half-mill chart is included in the revised briefing document.
Radio "Leicester Radio " on 121.12 "Northampton Radio" on 122.70
There may be special frequencies for the rally (as there are in real world). Advice will be posted here.
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