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Initial Experience with MP-Lite
Following our disastrous attempts at formation flying on VATSIM with Squawkbox, Pete Allnutt did some research and found a small application called MP-Lite. This was developed specifically to provide its users with a much smoother on-line flying experience, giving a more accurate view of other participating aircraft. Pete decided to set up an MP-Lite server, and after some initial testing flying two aircraft at the same time (I think he's ambidextrous) on two locally connected PCs, he asked for volunteers to help try it out.

Having been involved in the formation trials on VATSIM, Tony Driver jumped at the chance. He had a few problems getting connected properly, but with perseverance and some help from his ISP, and from the MP-Lite author Nick Dyer, and, vitally, permission from Rob Young of RealAirSimulations to rename Tony's favourite C172SP aircraft, these were soon overcome.

Tony catching up
Tony catching up
MP-Lite does everything it is claimed to do. It provides a quick and easy connection through the MSFS multiplayer host facility. It takes only seconds to set up both server and client sides to establish an on-line flying connection. Other aircraft look real, and behave as expected. They can be seen to turn when the pilot turns. They even bounce off the runway when the landing is not perfect. See the screen shot of G-SPCAs first attempt landing at Popham on a recent trip. Other screen shots show moving aircraft as you would expect them to appear.

Unfortunately, there is no ATC, and it is not possible to use MP-Lite to connect to VATSIM, but the flying experience is so much improved that this didn't seem to matter. When used alongside TeamSpeak as a Unicom channel for communications, the experience is complete.

Charlie Alpha going around!
Oops! Charlie Alpha going around!
MP-Lite consists of three separate files: the server, and two versions of the client, for use with either FS2002 or FS2004. MP-Lite is freeware. Details and download files can be found at (As of 20/1/10 this link no longer works) Charlie Alpha down this time
Pete (Charlie alpha) down in one piece this time!
Charlie Alpha coming in to park
...and coming in to park alongside Juliet Delta
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