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Air racing and the setting of records has been with us since the skies were first conquered. Races such as the famed Schneider Trophy were responsible for significant advances in aeroplane design during the inter-war years, with obvious influences in WWII fighter aircraft like the Spitfire, P51 Mustang and Macchi C.202 Folgore. These are straightforward races, not the Red Bull-style aerobatic time trials!
Rules: Click here for the race rules.

1st/2nd March 2008
Bembridge Race page Bembridge has been the home of the prestigious Schneider Trophy race for a number of years. It's also home to Britten-Norman, maker of Islander and Trislander aircraft, and European reassembler for Cirrus aircraft. What better venue for the first of inaugural CIX racing season? Click on the link for course details.

Click here and here for pictures of the RW 2004 race.
Schneider 75th Anniversary poster
Compton Abbas

5th/6th April 2008
Compton Abbas race page For the second race we head North into Dorset. Compton Abbas airfield is set on top of a ridge between the towns of Shaftesbury and Blandford Forum. The race consists of six laps of a roughly square course.

Click here for pictures of the 2001 RW race.

3rd/4th May 2008
Shobdon Race page The first King's Cup air race was held in 1922. The cup was presented by King George V. Up until the outbreak of WWII, entrance was restricted to British and Empire pilots flying British or Dominion aeroplanes. The King's Cup was also the first air race to be run purely on a handicap basis.

Archive footage can be viewed here:  Search for 'King's Cup'. Preview footage is free.

7th/8th June 2008
Sywell Race Page Sywell aerodrome was  opened in 1928 by the newly formed Northamptonshire Aero Club. 80 years on, it is still going strong, and its annual air show and race days attract many hundreds of visitors.

The real Sywell air race is being held at the beginning of August.

The airfield's slogan, coined in the 1920s is:"You can fly well at Sywell"

5th/6th July 2008
Abbeville Abbeville is at the mouth of the delightful Baie de la Somme, with its expanses of open water, marshes, dunes and saltwater meadows.

The race consists of five laps across the French countryside, crossing the bay, the river and canal, as well as passing forests and pictureque villages.

Abbeville airfield was home to a squadron of BF109s during WWII.

2nd/3rd August 2008
alderney The States of Alderney Air Races

The prestigious final race of the season. This is where both the British Champion and European Champion are decided in the real world.

See coverage of the previous races, including some very nice photos, here (2004) and here (2006).

The main Alderney aviation web sire:
Race Leader Board
Pilot Reg Aircraft Bembridge Compton Abbas Shobdon Sywell Abbeville Alderney Total
Tim Arnot G-DDTS ACA Decathalon 6 6 10 2  3 10 37
Al Regina C-GIST Cessna 172 2 4 4 10 4 6 30
Rob Jones G-BMMO DHC1 Chipmunk 3 10 6 4 - 4 27
Matt Scott G-ASEO PA24 Comanche - - 3 6  6 - 15
Don Fraser G-BNXC DHC1 Chupmunk 10 - - - - - 10
Mike Goggin G-OGGZ Cessna 150 - - - -  10 - 10
Gray Brett G-MICH DHC1 Chipmunk 4 - - - - - 4
Ben Bishop G-BFZT Cessna 152 - - - 3 - - 3
Rich Chadwick G-CHAD ACA Decathalon - - - - - - 0
Roger Harris G-MYCA SA Bulldog - - - - - - 0
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