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Management Team

Background Information

The following are Executive Managers of the CIX VFR Club. Email addresses are encrypted for security and require active JavaScript and a default email program to work. Where there is a blue @ icon you may send an email by Clicking it, otherwise send a Personal Message in the forum.

@Peter Dodds - Chief Executive Officer

Founder member of the Club and a Flight Simulator enthusiast since 1991, Peter (he doesn't much like being called Pete!) discovered VATSIM in 2003. He was a real world PPL with some 400 hours, retiring from flying in 2010. A member of the Gemini Simulations team which pioneered UK VFR scenery for FS4, he has dabbled in many aspects of FS including aircraft panel building, gauge design and aircraft painting. A retired Technical Author, for some years he wrote regularly for Computer Pilot magazine. He produces most of the Club´s documentation and training material. Peter created the club web site and was Webmaster until September 2008. From September 2008 until June 2009, in addition to his other roles, Peter took responsibility for the Club´s Photo Gallery. In February 2014, he retired as Chief Flying Instructor after 10 years, to concentrate on new initiatives within the Club, to maintain its recognised position as an almost unique "Flying Club" environment for General Aviation Simulation enthusiasts. He continues to assist with instructing.

Tony Driver - Operations Director & Webmaster

Founder member Tony learned much about flying and navigating in the Air Training Corps in the early 1950´s, followed by twelve years service in the RAF, working mainly on ground to air communications equipment. Now retired, after 27 years with IBM and 5 years IT contracting, he has been interested in Flight Simulation since the mid 1980´s. Qualified virtual PPL with Instrument and Commercial Pilot ratings, he joined VATSIM in 2003. Tony has served the club as Membership Secretary and Events/Operations Manager before becoming Operations Director. Until September 2008 Tony also acted as Events Manager. From September 2008, in addition to his role as Operations Director, Tony has taken responsibility for maintenance and further development of the Club´s Web Site. He has also written a number of additional club facilities including the Students Training Records System (STRS) and the Screen Shot Competition (SSC) program.

Mark Brown - Assistant to the CFI

Mark has been an aviation enthusiast since childhood, some of his earliest memories being watching DC-3s and 707s at the local airport. He started flight simulation with the Aviator game on the BBC Micro, but didn't become "hooked" until he discovered VATSIM and was invited to join the club. Apart from soloing in a glider at the age of 15 and gaining his pilot navigation wings with the air cadets, Mark has no real-world flying experience. However, with a degree in avionics engineering and a doctorate, he has a broad base of aviation technical knowledge, having worked in areas including flight control, wind tunnels, display design and ATC data link. Mark lives in Tokyo, and gets up early on Saturday mornings to participate in the club's Biggin Night. He is currently into helicopters.

John Crockatt - Manager without Portfolio

John held a PPL from 1961 to 1986 and finished with just under 1000 hours in his logbook. In fact he flew about 400 more hours as co-pilot, but, as light twins are certified for single pilot operation, nobody except the man in the left hand seat is allowed to log it, even though a pair of pilots operate the plane as two crew. John started as a club flier, and began to use the club plane on business. He gained UK Instrument Rating and Multi-engine Rating in 1966, and for the next 20 years he flew a series of Cessna twins on business in the UK and sometimes in Europe. In 1991 he bought his first computer (really to keep up with his grandchildren) and discovered MS FlightSim. Flew big tin with various VA's till 2006 when he was introduced to the Club. He has been a sailor all his life, including service throughout WW2 as a Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy.

David Buderim - 2-4-CIX Coordinator

David sought flying software when he got his first PC back in the day. In 2010 he stumbled into the VA and online world. After flying tin for a while he found CIX for P1 training. Fortunately Peter's late hours suited the time difference with Australia and many pleasant lessons followed. David is very grateful for Peter's generosity in providing training and can sometimes still hear his dulcet tones when performing a manouevre. VFR flying soon dominated. A few months later David became Javlin3 and learnt formation flying and aerobatics, deep joy. David's technical skills enabled him to contribute to transitioning the 2-4-CIX display from VATSIM to multiplayer and then later to video. Most of the work for this position is pulling together a display video twice a year so it makes sense for David to pick up this role.

@Len Henning - Training Administrator

Len has had a lifelong passion for flying. His father was a WWII fighter pilot, and Len developed his love of flying on his Dad's knee. Having failed to attain the academic requirement for Flight training with the RAF, he joined the South African Navy, where he served for 32 years. In that time, he became involved in Scale model RC flying, both power and Gliding, and went on to instruct in both disciplines. At the age of 50 he decided to take up Real World flying. He started flying Microlights, and then obtained his PPL. With not many hours in his Log Book, he suffered a mild stroke, which put paid to his flying aspirations. It was this void, that led him to Flight Simulation, and the CIX VFR CLUB. It was here that he found a bunch of like minded enthusiasts, with whom he could continue his love affair with flight. Inspired by the dedication of Club Management and members, he pursued his studies, and is now a VATSIM P3 pilot and Club QFI.

@Pete Allnutt - Forum Manager

Pete is a founder member of the club who has been flight simming since the mid 1980s starting with "Aviator", the flight sim programme for the BBC Micro, with its wire frame graphics. He didn´t take it too seriously until the formation of the CIX VFR club and his discovery of VATSIM. He is also a virtual (car) racing driver as well as flight simmer. As well as his "official" duties above, Pete also manages the Club´s TeamSpeak server and designed the club´s PIREP flight reporting system. He is quite happy to be called Pete!

@Frank Fisher - Research and Development Manager

Originally from Middlesex, Frank moved to Kent aged ten. He is married with two children and two grandchildren, lived and worked in South Africa for five years from the mid to late seventies, and retired in 2007. Frank got interested in personal computers in the early eighties, with the Dragon 32/64 then an IBM XT. He's a dab hand at DIY and electrics, used to dabble with electronics and has built and maintained all his computers. His interest in Flight Simulation started with version 5, and he started flying online with his own group in the days of dial up connections. He has been a member of both VATSIM and IVAO for a long time, and is a member of the JHB Virtual Airline as well as the CIX VFR Club. Frank was invited to join the Management Team in his role as "Research and Development Manager", which encompasses the work he is doing on X-Plane and providing assistance to members on IVAO.

@Dennis Hardy - Chief Flying Instructor

Dennis has been an aviation enthusiast since getting his first Biggles book for Christmas at the age of 10 (which he still has on his bookcase!). Although not a qualified pilot, over the years he has flown in a multitude of different light aircraft from weight shift microlights to gliders and GA aircraft. His most memorable experience was in a C150 aerobat as the pilot was practicing his aerobatic routine. A flight simmer since the mid 90s and a long time R/C modeller, he has experience flying both R/C fixed wing and choppers. He is now retired from a career as a Quality Manager and Health & Safety Officer in the pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Since retiring he has built his own "simpit" - simulated cockpit - based round 2 networked pcs. He joined the CIX VFR club in 2011 and obtained the VATSIM P1 rating shortly after. He obtained the VATSIM P2 Rating in 2012 and more recently the P3 rating. His long experience has enabled him to carry out the VATSIM P1, P2 & P3 training for the club.

@Melvyn Kirk - Membership Secretary

Now retired, Mel was an Electrical Engineer. He was an auxiliary Coastguard for over 20 years. The last 10 of these as Auxiliary in charge of his local station at Donna Nook, which is situated at the mouth of the River Humber. He is married with two sons and two grandsons. He says: "Our family doesn't seem to be able to produce girls." He is a keen motorcyclist and gardener. He discovered Flight simulation only in 2009, when his grandchildren presented him with a copy of FSX as a Christmas present. Following a successful trial period as a "new member settling in" instructor and latterly a VATSIM P1 examiner, Mel was promoted to a full QFI (Qualified Flying Instructor) for Single Engined Piston Aircraft (SEP) in September 2011. Mel is an active member of the 2-4-CIX Display Team, leading the Chipmunks section.

Neville Munro - Manager CIX Air Traffic Services

Neville has been an aviation enthusiast for as long as he can remember. He was in the ATC first as a Cadet, then as an Officer for 12 years, ending with his own Squadron. After retirement he became a Civilian Instructor, covering most aviation subjects as well as Flight Sim training. He held a PPL from 1990 to 2009 with nearly 180 hrs in the logbook and is a qualified Amateur Radio Operator. His first Flight Sim was FS98. He has been a member of VATSIM since 2012 and CIX VFR Club since 2013. He has VATSIM P1 and P2 Pilot Ratings, and is a VATSIM S2 (Tower) Controller. His training responsibility with the Club is to instruct and assist student pilots in all aspects of radio procedures and he manages the Club AFISO Training Facility.

@Tomas Linnet - Events Manager

Tomas´s interest in flying machines started early, with his Father bringing him to a local airshow 30-something years ago, now Tomas´s son happily travels along too, making it a 3 generation outing. After seeing a YouTube video starring Melvyn Kirk instructing club members, and Flight Sim Youtuber and Club member Peter Matthess. Tomas became a member in late 2013, starting his own training with the club some months after that. Tomas now holds VATSIM P1 and P2 ratings, full club RT training and has completed the Club SEP training. Being a Warbird enthusiast, his favourite aircraft in FSX is the fast, furious and beautiful A2A P-51D, but he also has a considerable number of hours in normal GA types. In real life Tomas lives in Denmark with his wife and their two children and he is working as a CNC maintenance technician, traveling to customers all over Denmark. Tomas took over the Events Manager role for the start of 2018.